• April Jarocki

Thank You Jamie

This is late but we want to congratulate Jamie as he begins his next adventure as assistant professor of agricultural communications at the University of Tennessee's Institute of Agriculture He began this adventure on January 1, 2020. We wish him all the luck and appreciate all the hard work he put into this project and getting it to where it is today.

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Our Mission

SCCP aims to build an interconnected series of community controlled broadband infrastructures to deliver coverage initially to communities throughout East Tennessee and Central Appalachia with the ultimate aim of creating a replicable model for community-controlled broadband projects.


We aim to play a major role in helping communities we are in deep relationship with design, develop, establish, and maintain their projects and then link them into a cooperative and thriving network that delivers affordable, accessible, and principled broadband throughout Appalachia, the South, and beyond.

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