Community Wireless Broadband Project

SCCP aims to work with community members in the Clearfork Valley and Community Tech NY (CTNY) builds and support healthy, resilient, consentful digital ecosystems rooted in community needs. We connect our partners with technology teaching tools, direct project support, and community technology practices. Our goal is to support collective self-determination through community choice and governance of technology, especially to address emergent challenges and risks related to technological advancement and climate crisis.
to develop a community operated wireless broadband network. Residents of the valley will be involved in planning, designing, and building this network. During the process residents will learn the process and skills necessary to install and operate community based wireless networking technology. Our hope is that this project will also bring community members together to experience how technology can build interpersonal connections within a neighborhood.

Our Mission

SCCP aims to build an interconnected series of community controlled broadband infrastructures to deliver coverage initially to communities throughout East Tennessee and Central Appalachia with the ultimate aim of creating a replicable model for community-controlled broadband projects.


We aim to play a major role in helping communities we are in deep relationship with design, develop, establish, and maintain their projects and then link them into a cooperative and thriving network that delivers affordable, accessible, and principled broadband throughout Appalachia, the South, and beyond.

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