Hotspot Device Lending Program

Cocke County, Tennessee is a vibrant and growing Smoky Mountain community and an originator of SCCP’s broadband expansion work. While SCCP works towards long-term solutions to chronic internet access problems, we are proud to be facilitating intermediate solutions as well. In partnership with the Stokely Memorial Library, SCCP will be starting a mobile hotspot device lending program for Cocke County.  This program will enable patrons of the library temporary residential internet access and will be used to further computer education programming in the library system.  This project was launched in September 2019 and from reports it has been a phenomenal success. Many thanks to the McCracken Library in Paducah, Kentucky, for their help on program development, to Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee for outreach help, and to the University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension for their research.  Message us if you would like help getting a mobile hotspot lending program in your local library!

Our Mission

SCCP aims to build an interconnected series of community controlled broadband infrastructures to deliver coverage initially to communities throughout East Tennessee and Central Appalachia with the ultimate aim of creating a replicable model for community-controlled broadband projects.


We aim to play a major role in helping communities we are in deep relationship with design, develop, establish, and maintain their projects and then link them into a cooperative and thriving network that delivers affordable, accessible, and principled broadband throughout Appalachia, the South, and beyond.

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